KES Mining Equipment

Scoop Rebuild

KES Equipment has refabricated a Wagner Scoop for use in various mining applications. Unit is equipped with new parts where required.

Scoop Specifications:

  • New Steering Cylinders & Driveline Brake Cylinder
  • New packing on other cyclinders
  • Bucket Lip replaced
  • New Fire Suppression System (Ansul)
  • New Hosing and Wiring
  • Replaced majority of pins and bushings
  • Hydraulic Valves (Rebuilt at Berendsen)
  • Braking System (New Valves/Pedal)
  • Blasted & Repainted entire machine

Other Mining Equipment

KES Equipment can also build other needed underground mining equipment including anfo loaders, custom forklift machine configurations, and more. Contact us today to see what we can do!